BBC Mandarin Class

Watch BBC Master Trainer – Vincent Ong, conducting BBC Mandarin Class in Petronas KLCC:

Do you feel uneasy, worried & confused when…
> Your China suppliers can only understand Mandarin

> Your Chinese customers prefer to deal in Mandarin
> The job you want to apply prefer Mandarin speaker
> Your colleagues converse Mandarin in the meeting
> Your company offer higher salary to Mandarin speaker
 etc …

Knowing mandarin = Understand Chinese people mindset

Do you want to pick up Mandarin language to improve your work performance, increase your career opportunities, get better connection with Chinese friends, clients, boss, suppliers, etc?

Mandarin Class

Hi I am Vincent Ong, master trainer of Belajar Bahasa Cina BBC. I’d like to share with you how we started teaching Mandarin back in 2015.  

We are in the same boat

I born in Jakarta, Indonesia and I can’t understand and speak Mandarin very well. When I was 6 years old, my parents sent me to Malaysia to study Mandarin language and live with my grandparents because they know Mandarin language is equally important as English.

Mandarin is a language barrier for me

I felt uneasy to communicate Mandarin with my grandparents and friends because I prefer to speak Bahasa Indonesia but they prefer to speak Mandarin. When I went to school, I struggled to understand what the Chinese teacher said. At that time I was inferior and had no friends, so I determined to learn Mandarin.

I almost give up learning Chinese characters

Initially, I almost give up as Chinese characters are too difficult to write and I felt my hand was going to break. Until I met a dedicated & interesting teacher who inspired me to master Mandarin. Since then I started to fall in love with Mandarin and get to know many good friends.

I have a mission to empower Malaysians to pick up Mandarin

I feel blessed and fortunate to have Mandarin education in Malaysia. After graduated, i worked as Accountant for few years before decided to follow my passion, which is to help non-native Mandarin speakers to master Mandarin language. 

Importance of knowing Mandarin language

I have learned English, Malay, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Hokkien, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean languages, etc. In my opinion, Mandarin is the easiest for anyone to learn and speak (exclude the Chinese characters). Nowadays, many companies and individuals aware that knowing Mandarin will help them in getting more business opportunities and better career prospects.

About Vincent Ong’s experience & success

Since 2015, he has personally helped over 4000+ students from Malaysia, US, UK, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Germany, etc to master Mandarin language. He has a lot of success teaching non-Chinese because he understands the mindset and difficulties of non-Chinese who want to speak Mandarin. 

He is also a HRDF-certified Mandarin trainer and has been invited for Mandarin Corporate Training in various companies。

Mandarin Corporate Training
Mandarin Corporate Training
Mandarin Corporate Training
Mandarin Corporate Training
Mandarin Corporate Training
Mandarin Corporate Training
Mandarin Corporate Training
Mandarin Corporate Training
Mandarin Corporate Training

About Belajar Bahasa Cina BBC​

BBC Learning Hub Plt LLP0007993-LGN (Belajar Bahasa Cina) is established in May 2015. Our company is approved training centre registered under Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) and Ministry of Finance (MOF). Our mission is to provide quality Mandarin language instruction and to promote international and intercultural understanding. 

With more than 5 years experience of working with private and public sector organisations across all industries and sectors, we are ideally placed to help you achieve the level of business or social Mandarin Chinese you require. Here are some of our amazing corporate clients:

– Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
– MISC Berhad
– Sapura Secured Technologies Sdn Bhd 
– Les’ Copaque Production (Upin & Ipin)
– Pihak Berkuasa Kemajuan Pekebun Kecil Perusahaan Getah (RISDA)
– Gamuda GM Klang Sdn Bhd 
– Invest Selangor Bhd
– bzBee Consult Sdn. Bhd 
– QS Enrolment Solutions APAC
– Open Learning
– Acre Works Sdn Bhd

Mandarin Class

BBC Mandarin Class encourage students to help each other

Mandarin Class

What is the best way to retain knowledge you learn? Is it by listening to lecture? Reading? No!

According to the research, the highest knowledge retention rates is by teaching others.

In BBC, we encourage all senior students to teach new students because we want seniors to speak more fluently and become the role model of new students. 

We find that this is the most effective way for seniors and new students to master Mandarin. It’s a win-win situation.

BBC Mandarin Class can shorten your learning curve

Mandarin Class

We help you to save your time and effort in mastering Mandarin.

If you have never learned Mandarin before, you may be clueless, don’t know how to start learning Mandarin.

If you have learned some Mandarin and still can’t speak fluent Mandarin, we provide you a conducive learning environment where all teachers and friends are supportive and helpful to each other.

mandarin online course
BBC Mandarin Class

BBC Mandarin Class is Now Open for Registration!


+ FREE 6 Months Beginner Online Class
  • 3 Months Private 1 to 1 : RM4200
  • 6 Months Beginner : RM1400


Conduct via Zoom Meeting
  • 3 Months Private 1 to 1 : RM2400
  • 6 Months Beginner : RM700
  • 12 Months Intermediate : RM1400
  • [Promo] Beginner + Intermediate : RM1500

Here’s what we provide for our students:
– Weekly live class
– Recorded sessions for revision
– Lifetime whatsapp group support
– Lifetime access to learning portal
– Course materials (PDF, Audio, Video)
– BBC Communication Course Certificate

If you believe knowing Mandarin will improve your work productivity and social life, don’t miss out BBC Mandarin Class. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” 

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Based on our experience & students’ results, we are 100% confident that our course materials, teaching quality & whatsapp support will help you to speak fluent Mandarin. If you don’t find any value, you can ask for refund on the first class, so there is no risk for you.