BBC Intermediate Course is designed for students with 6 months or more of Chinese language study.

Learning Outcome: 
– Able to converse fluently with more vocabularies
– Able to read and write Chinese characters

– Able to understand radicals, comprehension reading, grammar, essay writing and email writing
– Able to read simple news, stories and messages in Chinese characters.

Class duration: Once a week, 2 hours/class

Age range: Adults & teenagers

Class location: Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Cyberjaya

LImited to 10pax/class. Reserve your seat now!

What is the difference between “Simplified” and “Traditional” Chinese characters?

In 1981, Malaysia switched from the use of the traditional character to simplified Chinese character. Simplified Chinese characters are used in Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore while Traditional Chinese characters are used in Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau.

How to type Chinese characters in your phone/laptop

Step 1: Must have Chinese Pinyin Keyboard in your phone

For iPhone: Go to General Setting > Keyboard > Add Keyboard > Add new Keyboard > Chinese (Simplified) > Pinyin Qwerty

For Android: Download & Install “Google Pinyin Input” > Open the app > Enable Settings > Google Pinyin Input > Chinese Pinyin Google Pinyin Input

Step 2: Start typing in your whatsapp/SMS

1. Change your keyboard to pinyin “拼音”
2. Type a vocabulary or phrase around 3-8 words (without spacing). If you only type 1 or 2 words, you are not sure which is the correct word. But, if you type at least 3 words, the first option will be 99.9% correct words.
3. Type the correct pinyin, for example :
dajiahao > 大家好 ( dajia = everyone , hao = good/hello )
woshiVincent > 我是Vincent ( wo = I/me , shi = is/are/am/was/were )
nimenyaoxuezhongwenma > 你们要学中文吗?(nimen = you all , yao = want , xue = learn , zhongwen = Mandarin , ma = question mark ? )