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We created Corporate Mandarin Training for organizations who want their staff to be well-versed in Mandarin. The course is HRDF-claimable & MOF certificate. Class can be conducted in client’s office or BBC office. Optimum number is 5 – 30 pax/class. 

We have been invited to conduct corporate Mandarin training with more than 20 organisations. If you are considering Belajar Bahasa Cina BBC as your partner in learning Mandarin, we are glad to offer a 1 – 2 hours complimentary trial class for you to assess our performance in corporate training. We’re committed to finding the best way to add value to your company. 

Here are some of our satisfied corporate clients:
– Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
– Sapura Secured Technologies Sdn Bhd 
– Les’ Copaque Production (Upin & Ipin)
– Pihak Berkuasa Kemajuan Pekebun Kecil Perusahaan Getah (RISDA)
– Gamuda GM Klang Sdn Bhd 
– Invest Selangor Bhd
– bzBee Consult Sdn. Bhd 
– QS Enrolment Solutions APAC
– Open Learning
– etc

We designed this Beginner communication course especially for adults who has zero or little knowledge of Mandarin. This course focuses on understanding & speaking daily Mandarin conversation using pinyin (eg: xué zhōng wén) , not reading & writing Chinese characters (eg: 学中文). Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

1. Understand Mandarin language from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc
2. Speak fluent Mandarin about practically anything with anyone in the world
3. Type Mandarin characters in computer & handphone with pinyin
4. Understand useful insights into Chinese psychology, culture and ‘mindset’

We have done everything for you. you can literally use our templates, by just copy and paste and fill in the blanks. These are the 12 topics we’ll cover:

1. Pronunciation, Basic words, Numbers
2. Ask & answer any question, 7W, 3H, ma
3. Introduce myself, Family and friends
4. Shopping / Buy things, Negotiation Skill
5. Restaurant, Invite friends for a meal
6. Meet new friends
7. Time, Date, Calendar
8. Career, Interview
9. Make appointment with client, Workplace conversation
10. Travelling experience, Transportation
11. Sing Mandarin song
12. Examination 

BBC Children Chinese Class is designed for primary school children 6-12 years old who study in SK, SJKC, private, international school. Learning Outcome: Improve your children understanding, communication, reading and writing skills for both academic and practical purposes.

We apply innovative and creative methods such as flashcards as well as singing to help children build a strong foundation in Chinese. This process also boost children’s visualization and association, thus making learning fun and easy

BBC Intermediate Course is designed for students with 6 months or more of Chinese language study. Learning Outcome: 

– Able to converse fluently with more vocabularies
– Able to read and write Chinese characters
– Able to understand radicals, comprehension reading, grammar, essay writing and email writing
– Able to read simple news, stories and messages in Chinese characters.

If you prefer to learn via online, we have prepared series of video training and notes for you to download.  Enjoy BBC Lifetime Whatsapp Group Support for all our courses! You can add on Private Coaching to have a dedicated teacher to guide you.

We also offer translation & proofreading (Mandarin, English and Malay). Once your document is translated, we will go through proofreading editing the content to spot any errors. Even though translations can be done via google translate but it is only around 70% accuracy, we still have to manually translate and proofreading to make sure it is 100% correct.

Who are your Mandarin Class trainers?

Vincent Ong – Master Trainer of BBC Course

He is born in Jakarta, Indonesia and migrated to Kedah, Malaysia since he was 6 years old to learn Mandarin in SJKC. He is HRDF-certified Mandarin trainer who is well-known for his unique teaching technique. He uses English, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese and other dialects to teach Mandarin. He has been invited for Corporate Chinese Training in various companies, such as Petronas, Sapura, GM Klang, Les’ Copaque Production (Upin & Ipin), Open Leaning, BzBee Sdn Bhd, etc. 

In just 3 years time, he has personally coached over 1500 students from Malaysia, Germany, US, UK, Japan, Korea, Thailand etc. He has a lot of success teaching non-Chinese to understand and converse in Mandarin because he understands the mindset and difficulties of non-Chinese who want to speak Mandarin.

Minn Eng – Principal of Belajar Bahasa Cina BBC

She scores A1 in SPM Mandarin subject (only less than 5% students score A1 in Mandarin). She achieved distinguished results in HSK (Level 6) Examination – Percentile Rank 90% (Total Score: 254/300). She has corporate experience in preparing, checking distributor contract and purchase agreement in Mandarin & English for Pioneer Centrifuge Sdn. Bhd. She also assisted in interpretation between China sub-contractor & Malaysia main-contractor for KVMRT Project, MMC-Gamuda JV Sdn. Bhd. 

She is also the main course creator for children program. She has helped many non-chinese children learn to speak good command of Mandarin from scratch and many of her students achieve flying colours in their Chinsese examinations.

HRDF certified training provider

mandarin class
HRDF certified training provider

HSK Top Scorer in BBC​

mandarin class
HSK Top Scorer in BBC​