We are looking for partners who are:

1. Teachers/ Entrepreneurs
– provide Mandarin class in your specific location

2. Tuition/ Training center operators
– provide Mandarin class to your existing students
– rent out your training space to BBC

3. Training course coordinator / provider
– Partnership in providing Mandarin Corporate Training

4. Be our affiliate / agent
Step 1: Click here to be our affliate / agent
Step 2: Klik butang di bawah> Daftar sebagai Ejen
Step 3: Isi borang “Pendaftaran Akaun”
Step 4: Daftar!
Step 5: Check your email inbox/spam
Step 6: Start sharing your affiliate link and earn up to RM100 commission / student

We hope to find good partners and achieve win-win situation.
Please contact to discuss further